The Top Paid Surveys – How To Find Them, How To Make Money With Them

If you want to make money with paid surveys, you must find your way to the top paid surveys, made by the survey makers that actually pay. Almost all survey makers claim that they will pay for their surveys but only about 25-30% of them (or less) actually pay participants in cash or equivalent.

The survey makers you want, those who pay in cash, don’t advertize or promote very much. They don’t need to. People seek them out. They have low turnover and word-of-mouth promotion is all that many use.

The ones you do not want, those who only sometimes pay or who promise to pay and then do not deliver, promote a lot. They have to, since they are always losing participants. They take out ads, hire recruiters such as “free” paid survey sites to recruit new participants, frequently at $5 a head or so.

So when you surf the Net looking for survey makers to sign up with, hoping to find the top paid surveys, you will mostly encounter ads and promo deals for those survey makers who will, at best, just waste your time.

The best way to find the top paid surveys and the survey makers that send them out, is through a good paid survey guide companies or paid survey site.

A good, serious, paid survey site will have a strong money-back guarantee, backed up by a financial entity, and a low refund rate under that guarantee.

The strong guarantee does three things for you.

1. It tells you that this paid survey site believes in the service they offer and will stand behind it.

2. The presence of the financial entity tells you that the site is responsible and mostly delivers what they promise and

3. If worse comes to worst, you won’t lose any money.

The refund rate is the best measure of the considered opinions of the most recent clients of that paid survey site. A low refund rate means that their clients were satisfied with the value of the services provided. A high refund rate means that many clients were unhappy and demanded their money back.

Look for a strong 60-90 day money back guarantee backed by a bank or financial company such as PayPal or ClickBank. Look for a low refund rate, in the 3 to 6% range. Avoid any paid survey site with a refund rate that is either unknown or is at or above 9.0%.

Then, in your quest to find the top paid surveys, you will then have positioned yourself to have control and recourse, with these advantages:

1. You are paying your guide, to take you where you want to go (not having someone else pay to bring you to them!)

2. The paid survey site that you selected will have to prove to you the value of its services in order to keep the fee you paid. Value will be conveyed by a list of good survey makers that send you the top paid surveys and actually pay you for surveys, returning the membership fee in the paid survey site many times over.

3. You will have positioned yourself to be amongst the happy clients of a site with a low refund rate.

4. If all else fails you have a strong money-back guarantee.

Now, to maximize your income, you will need to maximize the number of good survey makers that have your application to be a future survey participant, on file. Apply to all on your paid survey guide’s list of preferred survey makers.

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