Internet Paid Surveys Scams and Gems

Internet paid surveys is an interesting way to make money online. But the whole process to start earning consistent income and finding good paying surveys is an intriguing process fraught with disappointments and rewarding surprises. On one hand, you will come across scams that pay you nothing for all the hard work and time, while the gems reward you with great payouts. In the midst of all this, it is crucial to learn how to differentiate between the two in order to make some serious income from internet paid surveys.

Typically, a market survey company is the one that handles all the surveying of survey takers for their clients, the product and services companies. There are many established big names like Global Test Market which offers internet paid surveys. But it does not always mean that you can make money with them. Let me explain. Big names are reliable and do pay on time. But because of their credibility, they have large databases of ready survey takers. It gets very competitive to really make money from their paid surveys. Nevertheless, you should still register with them as a long-term income plan.

There are some scam internet paid surveys sites that keep popping up on the internet. There are a few things which should raise red flags when you see them. One is an over-enthusiasm to recruit new sign-ups. A lot of times, these run on an MLM model where there are huge incentives for members to bring in a new member. There is nothing wrong as some legitimate companies do adopt the same technique but if a survey site overdoes it, be wary. Internet paid surveys companies should be concerned about building their core business which is to find good paid surveys if they are in for the long haul.

These scam sites normally build a nice and beautiful website with many survey offers within for pay-per-click offers, pay-per-email, pay-per-sample test, pay-per-product/service trial, etc. Most of them are free offers where you sign up for a freebie or participate in free internet paid surveys to accumulate credits or cash. Payout is supposed to be made when you hit a minimum sum. Unfortunately, many of such internet paid surveys sites come and go within months, leaving many survey takers lost and disillusioned.

Yet, there are other internet paid surveys sites that keep paying their survey takers. These can be small niche survey sites to general paid survey sites that offer surveys at $5 onwards for completed internet paid surveys. Some offer you a wide range of surveys in the form of focus group surveys, shopping experience surveys, movie feedback surveys and more. These are generally more time consuming and would require you to step out of your house. But they pay much better and can even pay up to $150 – $200 per assignment. Question is how do you find these survey companies?

One way is you can search for them on the internet and scrutinize them one by one by signing up and trying each one out. You can check at online income or money making forums for work at home people for such opportunities. Alternatively, get hold of a ready listing or directory of online paid surveys companies. Such listings typically contain hundreds of online survey companies that have been tested to work and pay well.

Find out at my survey blog which survey companies offering internet paid surveys are real gems.

Paid Surveys – Milking the Proverbial Cash Cow

When you really need to earn extra money and you find a great opportunity, you want to milk it for all it is worth.  Paid surveys are just that.  They are the proverbial “cash cow” of flexible work-at-home cash.  Surprisingly, however, people are not milking them the way they should.

Many people hop into paid surveys and get disappointed by the differences between the hype and the reality.  There are many claims that you can make up to $75 doing surveys, and up to $175/hr doing focus groups.  While this is true, these opportunities are not as frequent as one is led to believe.   Sadly, many unscrupulous internet entrepreneurs are marketing paid surveys as a get rich quick schemes.  This is simply not what paid surveys are about.

Paid surveys are a great source of extra income —  extra income… and they are supposed to be fun.  Frustration from overextended expectations only hurt your ability to earn.   Do you realize you can still make hundreds of dollars in additional cash per month?  Here is how to milk the paid survey opportunities for all they are worth:

  1. Register for multiple survey companies.  Do not expect to have steady stream of survey invitations if you only register for  two or three companies.  Some of the best paying companies only give you a few surveys a month. That does not mean the survey companies are bad, it just means that maybe your demographic was not needed for the business that contracted their service. Registering for a significant number of survey companies can only increase your odds of success.
  2. Survey Filter – filter out the survey companies that are not providing quality surveys and timely payments.  Your time is still money.  No one wants to spend a half-hour taking a 50 cent survey and trust me, those kind of survey companies will continue to email you opportunities if you do not respond.  Do not quit their program, just wait for the right offer.
  3. Recognize Gift Cards as Cash –  that is what some of it really comes down to.  Some people do not want to register for companies that offer gift cards, or points redeemable for gifts cards, etc.  This is a huge mistake.  Gifts cards awarded are just as good as cash.  There have been multiple occasions where I have received $25+ in Amex gifts cards for a single product testing and survey….  and I am not talking about giving my credit card number.  I expected only $2 and a free product.  I got $27 and a free product.  It can work out, and they do not always advertise the actual amount of compensation.  Consider it a bonus and a pleasant surprise.   If you really need the money and are cashing in saved points, just make sure you choose the award that suits your immediate needs, not just “wants.”

These are three simple rules to survey success and satisfaction.  You should never lower your expectations for what your time is worth, but you should be realistic and recognize real opportunities as they are.  When you do this, you will see how great an opportunity paid surveys can be, and how you can capitalize on a great opportunity to work from home.  Register for as many companies as you can, and you will see more profit in the end.

Online Surveys – The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

Are you aware that online surveys are a grand opportunity for you to make a decent amount of money on a regular basis? You might have heard about surveys but the mechanism of it has taken a dramatic turn over the past few years. Survey is a technique, which helps a great deal in learning about the viewpoints of a human being towards something. Surveys are basically of different types albeit the survey we are going to discuss here is the market research or business surveys.

Business surveys are market researches that companies of different nature and types conduct periodically with the view to figuring the preferences and dislikes of the customers in terms of the specific products or services they use. The bottom-line of business research is to rev up the preference of the production of products and services so that the customers can get an improved experience.

These companies are beneficial to the end users by offering them a grand opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by simply inviting them to fill out the Online Survey Questionnaires. These forms are filled out and passed on online. Surveys hardly take much time to complete. Precisely within a span of 3-5 minutes, you can carry out a certain survey assigned to you. In exchange for it, you can easily earn 1-5 dollars for every survey that you have successfully completed.

If you are excited to earn money by carrying out online surveys, it is essential that you register with the company you choose. In general, a maximum number of surveys that you chance upon do not require any fee to participate yet they are based on specific geographical locations. Also before you get ready to register with a company, ensure that it is acceptable within your region or it will simply be a wastage of your time and effort. In any case, if you sign up a survey, you may end up with disappointment.

When it comes to receiving payment for the money you have won, the process is quite easy and hassle free. A few popular methods of receiving payment include liberty reserve, e-gold, pay-pal, alert-pay, storm-pay, cheque, wire transfer, etc. Whichever payment method you accept, it should depend on the pertinence of your own country.

In order to maximize your earnings with the help of Online Surveys, there is another great opportunity. You should refer signing up surveys to your friends or other people you are familiar with. This URL is given to you when you sign up the program. The company will pay you certain amount depending on the number of people you have referred to the website. This is really a great way to make a great amount of money online by taking free surveys.

6 Steps to Conducting an Online Survey

The anonymity that the Internet provides makes it the ideal environment for asking your customers what they really think about your business, product, or service. An online survey can reveal customers’ true opinions, as well as enabling them to share ideas with you in a safe and comfortable environment. Setting up the best online survey is easy when you use these six steps to guide you in the process.

1. Decide on Your Research Goals

Before you can start your research, you will need form a clear picture in your mind of the expected outcome. Do you need feedback on a product or your service? Is the information you are looking for of a general nature or very specific? Do you have a particular audience in mind, or will you be sending out surveys to the general public? The answers to these questions will help you to decide how to target your survey.

2. Make Up a List of Questions

There are many different types of questions that can be used on a survey, like open questions, closed questions, matrix table questions, and single- or multi-response questions. Most people who take part in surveys prefer short multiple-choice questions. When writing the questions, keep the language very simple and avoid ambiguity or double negations. One of the benefits of designing an online survey is that participants don’t have to fill in questions that are not relevant to them. Based on their answers certain questions can be skipped.

3. Invite the Participants

There are many ways to invite people to take part in your online survey. Who you want to take part in your survey will help you to decide on the best contact method. You can send an email to your subscriber list, post your survey on Facebook, or design a banner that can be displayed on other websites if you wish to cast a wider net.

4. Gather Your Responses

It is important to assign a unique code to each participant to make sure that they only take part in your survey once. This is easy to do when you use an online survey tool to design your survey. In some cases you can increase the response rate by offering an incentive to the participant, for example, you can offer a gift, the chance of winning something in a lottery, a donation to charity, or a points accumulation system where participant can save up points that can be exchanged for gifts. Another way of increasing the response rate of your survey is by promising to share the results with your participants.

5. Analyse the Results

With online surveys the gathered data is stored automatically, so you can start analysing the results straight away. In most cases, you can already see preliminary results when the survey is still open. Using online survey tools enables you to make visual representations of the data by presenting the results in tables and graphs. You can also print out the data in the form of a spreadsheet, which can then be used for further analysis.

6. Write a Report

The final step in conducting online surveys is to write a report explaining your findings. A successful survey will provide the answers to the question you had about your business, product or service. Online surveys can be used to measure customer satisfaction, get feedback on products or services, and to reveal key influences.

The process for conducting an online survey is easy and inexpensive. Smart-Survey’s questionnaire software can provide you with all the tools needed to help you in designing your survey. Most businesses’ needs can be met with simple and short online surveys that target a specific group of customers. The results, on the other hand, are priceless because they will help you to make important decisions about your business.

Paid Online Surveys – Are They the Best Survey Opportunity Out There?

Paid online surveys are very popular today because marketers can collect consumer opinions quickly and in a cost effective manner. Giving incentives to web participants is much cheaper and more efficient than surveying customers on-site, over the telephone or through the mail. It explains why many surveys are conducted online… But are they the best survey opportunity out there?

To answer this question it’s important to stress that paid surveys aren’t limited to online surveys!

Off-line market research is still very important and according to the purpose of the survey, in many cases participants’ opinions still need to be gathered in a real place (and not on the Internet). Moreover off-line surveys are an excellent opportunity for survey takers. Actually, off-line surveys can pay much more than online surveys because they require more involvement. People taking surveys seriously can make good money with these surveys.

The main kinds of surveys that should be considered to make money are:

* Online surveys: You give your opinion on the Internet. You can get paid up to $75 for a very specialized online survey but it’s rare to earn such money. The average payout for surveys conducted online is $5. You can also win cash prizes.

* Focus groups: You participate in an interview conducted among a small number of individuals. These discussions are animated and interesting. They pay the best. You can get paid $20 – $250 per survey. The average payout is $70 for a 90 minute session.

* Shopping surveys: You are paid to shop at the mall or to eat at restaurants! All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire about your customer experience. It’s a great opportunity for people living in large or medium cities in the U.S. You can get paid $10 – $50 for most shops. Video mystery shopping (you hold an invisible video device that records what you do) can pay up to $100 per shop! Over 700,000 Americans currently work as mystery shoppers.

* Testing Surveys: You test a new product or service and give your opinion about it. It may take more than one session to complete the survey. The payout ranges from $25 to $500 according to the time needed to complete it.

To earn the best possible money, it is advised to combine all kinds of surveys: Online surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping and testing surveys. Taking online surveys is fine but taking online surveys only is missing out on some of the best opportunities to earn money! According to our experience top performers devote at least 50% of their time to mystery shopping and focus groups because they make the most money with it. Follow their example to maximize your profit!